The Universal Full Water Immersion Retort:
    • Automat / Rotomat
    The Steam Water Spray Retort:
    • Autovap / Rotovap
    Retort Series for Variable Process Selection:
    • Multiprocess Rotomat MRX
    Steam Water Spray Oscillation Retort:
    • Autovap Oscillation

DFT Technology is manufacturer of autoclaves / retorts of the brand STOCK, which are mainly used for the pasteurization and sterilization of a variety of foods, but also in the pharmaceutical industry. Among the largest applications are baby food, sausage and meat products, ready meals, soups, milk, cream, beverages, vegetables and fruits, fish and pet food. From pilot plants over steam-spray autoclaves up to full-water-immersion autoclaves DFT provides a wide range of different systems for the optimum result of your application. For your Autoclave needs at different capacities, please send an e-mail to "[email protected]" or click here...